Writing For The Web

An ebook for bloggers, journalists, copywriters, and authors

If you find yourself stuck writing everything in Microsoft Word, emailing attachments back and forth as a means of collaborating, and are generally put off by tech jargon like “HTML”, “WYSIWYG”, and “CMS”, then this is the book for you. It will change the way you work and you’ll never look back.

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Always wanted to quit Microsoft Word?
Writers deserve better. This book will show you the way.

Write On Every Platform

Compose whether you’re on a computer, tablet, or phone. Don’t be tied down to one machine or one operating system.

Stop Emailing Documents

Learn ways to share, collaborate, and backup your work without emailing files back and forth with your clients.

Create Better Content

Your content can be more accessible, transferable, and future proof. Don’t let proprietary software hold you back.

Ditch Microsoft Word Forever

You know you hate it. There are better ways to write without fighting with inefficient, counterproductive software.

Get To Know Markdown

Markdown is a plain text formatting syntax. Writing with Markdown will make you a better, happier writer.

Examine Your Workflows

Old work habits can slow you down. Don’t let them prevent you from improving your productivity and sanity.

Will Moyer

About The Book

Writing For The Web is a short ebook for bloggers, journalists, copywriters, authors, and anyone else who writes. If it had a subtitle, it would be: “How quitting Microsoft Word can make you a saner, happier, and more productive writer.”

Many writers are stuck using inefficient, counterproductive workflows, usually including Microsoft Word. They might grumble about how they hate it or how frustrating it is to email drafts back and forth with a client, but when asked why they work this way, they often say, “that’s just how I’ve always done it.”

There are better ways to write. There are tools and processes that let you separate composition from presentation, that make your content much more accessible and future proof, that make it easy to collaborate and share your work. And there are tools that, unlike Microsoft Word, aren’t frustrating and miserable to use; there are tools that will suit you and your needs perfectly.

This book will introduce and expose you to some of these tools and the ideas behind them. You’ll be able to read and digest the material in a couple of hours and immediately put some of the suggestions into practice.

Will Moyer

About The Author

Writing For The Web was written by Will Moyer. Will is a web designer and front-end developer. He loves writing and has been working with bloggers, journalists, copywriters, and authors for years.

You can find him on Twitter where he tweets about design, writing, and heterodox political philosophies.